Bringing help closer: we support county hospitals!

Throughout July and August, the Colonna Charity Fund collects donations to Estonian county hospitals to purchase various life-saving equipment in order to bring the best opportunities to get help as close as possible to people.

In cooperation with the county hospitals, a specific list was prepared of the equipment that these hospitals need the most and for which the Colonna Charity Fund collects donations. In Estonian county hospitals, older rescue equipment is sometimes used or the hospitals lack the necessary life-saving equipment to help newborns or children.

The Colonna Charity Found helped raise the first record-breaking donation of € 170 000 to support county hospitals at a gala evening on June 18 in the flower garden of Kadriorg Art Museum.

The list of life-saving equipment needed for children is still long, and all donations contribute to ensuring that our children receive the best possible medical care as close to home as possible. Sometimes the minutes count and the proximity of help can be crucial!