Bringing help closer: we support county hospitals!

With the help of the Colonna Charity Fund, county hospitals across Estonia could purchase important equipment. A donation of 109,000 euros was distributed among nine county hospitals. Donors contributed to the availability of the best possible medical care for Estonian children as close to home as possible.

SA Läänemaa Hospital got a warming bed/resuscitation table for newborns, Lõuna-Eesti Haigla AS needed a cardiotocograph to follow fetal heartbeats and uterine contractions, SA Hiiumaa Hospital’s maternity department got an analgesia device and accessories, Kuressaare Haigla SA acquired an ultrasound machine for the gynecology department, SA Viljandi The hospital will use the donation for the Women’s Clinic to purchase breastfeeding armchairs, SA Narva Hospital purchased beds for the treatment of premature babies, AS Rakvere Hospital needed a new modern delivery bed; Põlva Haigla AS decided to purchase a hearing screening device for newborns; SA Raplamaa Hospital acquired a tympanometer, a device for diagnosing ear disorders for children.

Colonna founders Roberto de Silvestri and Andrea Agostino, the Tanner family and the Rajur family, as well as the companies Inbank, Your Office OÜ, Reterra Estate OÜ, Piletilevi, Olympia Group and others, were among the largest private donors of this charity. Sometimes the minutes count and the proximity of help can be crucial!