We support children and young people.
We invest in the future.

The main activity of Colonna is related to long-term investments. We also want to look into the future with our charity initiatives. By contributing to the health, education and sporting activities of children, we will improve their lives as well as the future of Estonia as a whole. Help us to help others!

Colonna Charity Fund

Colonna Charity Fund was established in 2018 by property firm Colonna, which has raised over 120,000 euros for helping newborns and premature babies with its charity campaigns since 2013. We’ve supported Estonian maternity hospitals with various projects. Our support has been used to buy a resuscitation table, an incubator, a neonatal brain monitor, and devices for measuring the oxygenation of the brain and has renovated two family wards at the Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital. The doctors of Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital and the Maternity Hospital of East-Tallinn Central Hospital have managed to help hundreds of children with Colonna’s support.

The founder of both Colonna and the Colonna Charity Fund Roberto de Silvestri said that the goal of the charity fund is to support even more people than before. In addition to helping newborns and premature babies, the Fund wants to start various charity projects that support the health, rehabilitation, education and sporting activities of children.

“Doctors have been able to help hundreds of children with Colonna’s support over the years. However, this is just the beginning for Colonna – charity is our mission which will certainly continue.”

Roberto de Silvestrifounder and CEO of Colonna

Colonna Group

Colonna is one of the biggest commercial property investors in Estonia and the Baltic States. Colonna mainly mediates the placement of capital in real estate projects in the Baltic States by professional investors from abroad and organises business on the sites purchased. Colonna has mediated nearly 300 million euros in investments in the Baltic real estate market. The company’s portfolio includes 90 commercial buildings with nearly 250,000 square metres of rental space and 700 tenants. Colonna participates actively in charity projects and supports culture and sports.

Companies belonging to the Colonna group:

  • Colonna Capital OÜ
  • Colonna Kinnisvara OÜ
  • Colonna Varahaldus OÜ

Previous projects

Help Resuscitate Life

Help Measure Life

Brain monitors for newborns

Renovation of family wards at maternity hospital

Incubator for premature babies

“We’re proud that under the leadership of Colonna the reach and number of participants of the charity campaigns organised and the funds we’ve raised have increased every year.”

Roberto de Silvestrifounder and CEO of Colonna