Charity campaign invites to donate to children’s mental health first aid training

Colonna and are running a charity campaign to collect donations for launching training programs that teach young people and parents to recognize children’s mental health problems and provide initial support.

According to studies, 33% of teenagers experience low mental well-being, about a third of teenagers are sad and depressed, and every 10th young person feels that they have no one to share their concerns with. At the same time, 82% of parents of teenage children are worried about their child’s mental health, and almost half (44%) do not know if there is enough reason to act.

“Many young people and parents are not sure what to do when a child turns to them with their mental health concerns and may not notice the warning signs of mental health. The ability to see and provide initial mental health support helps reduce the worsening of mental health disorders,” said Anna-Kaisa Oidermaa, CEO of and a clinical psychologist.

Colonna Charity Fund and have launched an awareness and donation campaign to bring mental health first aid training to children and parents for the first time. “The goal of the training program is to increase the number of people who recognize children’s mental health problems and provide initial support. It is very important that children feel safe to talk about their problems and that parents know how to listen and act,” said Roberto de Silvestri, CEO of Colonna.

The training programs, which start in the spring of 2024, last about 10 hours each and are aimed at children and young people aged 11-14 (5th-7th grade) and parents. The ultimate goal is to reach 1% of Estonia’s population.

Colonna Charity Fund, established in 2018, supports children’s health, education, and sports activities.