Renovation of family wards at maternity hospital

Two family wards were renovated at Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital

The charity event of Colonna Kinnisvara and the Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital Support at the end of 2014 was aimed at refreshening two family wards used after the birth of a baby. “As the creation of homes is one of our areas of activity, we decided that we should make the start of life feel like home at the maternity hospital as well,” said member of the management board of Colonna Kinnisvara Roberto di Silvestri about the campaign.

According to interior architect Kard Männil, the goal was to create an environment where the newborn baby and the parents would all feel good. “My goal was to create a bright space where both the baby and the parents would feel welcome by choosing a calm colour palette and movable partition walls,” said Männil. “This turned a bare hospital room into a cosy place where the furnishings meet all the requirements established for hospitals: the room must be easy to clean, the materials durable and hygienic.”

The ward comes with a modern toilet and bathroom, a corner kitchen and fridge, and everything necessary to look after a baby.

Considering the condition of mothers who have just given birth, the new family wards are equipped with higher beds and rocking chairs, where it’s easy to breastfeed and rock the baby. The bed linen, towels and dressing gowns follow the soft colour palette of the ward. As most of the mother’s time is spent in bed during these days, there are four pillows instead of two to add comfort.

“Lights with dimmer switches, wooden details, cute clothes pegs and framed tiny clothes on the wall help create the right mood,” added the interior architect.

The renovated family wards are located on the 5th floor and can be used based on the ordinary price list of Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital.

Renovation of the family wards cost 25,000 euros, which was raised through the telephone donations made to the Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital Support Fund and the support of Colonna Kinnisvara OÜ, Hansapost OÜ and Inbank AS. Bauschmidt, Arhdisain, Blue Star, Duravit, H&M Home and Dermoshop also contributed.